Kids Blowing Bubbles


How to help

There are many programs that we have developed that will allow you to honor the giver in you.  Our services assist not only babies and children, but their families and communities.  We have a very helpful program in place that services the elderly and those in preparation for transition.  So no matter where your heart is, we will help you fill it with love.

Our Mission

Our mission is to meet the needs in low income communities that may not be adequately serviced by local agencies.  We provide not just temporary fixes, but long term solutions through a variety of educational materials and mentoring programs.

Faith First
We are a Faith Based Organization, meaning that we teach people how to believe in themselves.  We help them connect to Higher sense of purposes by providing Spiritual Support in a non denominational, all inclusive, caring and compassionate atmosphere. 

Latest project

Our latest project was a successful shoe and sock drive where we were able to deliver over 100 pairs of socks and fifty pairs of shoes to children at local elementary schools across the US.  Due to the recent pandemic we were unable to provide our school services last year, but are ready and in full swing to assist our deserving communities for 2021-2022.