about light, fire and love

Light, Fire And Love Ministries (formerly Live Your Jreams Inc) is a spiritual and religious sacred space where people may come and connect for inspiration, empowerment and education.  Light represents KNOWLEDGE and divinely inspired teachings that help guide the soul towards the Divine Fire, which is spiritually inspired ACTION to live our lives in a manner that reflect the radiant and healing love FREQUENCY.

The 501c3 organization was founded in Arizona in 2016 by Dr. Stone, a Spiritual Mentor and Teacher and an ordained Minister.  Dr. Stone has over 25 years of experience as an intuitive spiritual healer which includes verifiable, certified training in areas like spiritual science, metaphysics, spiritual alchemy, shamanism, psychology, theology, reiki, astrology, numerology, divination and world religion.

Since 2015 Dr. Stone has operated a successful online business as a spiritual mentor and advisor, created several programs, courses and products to assist people worldwide.  She has also established a wellness temple in Tuscon, Arizona.

Dr. Stone has become one of the most well respected professionals in her field, known for her strait forward guidance, accurate spiritual assessments and compassionate heart.

We are a non denominational interfaith spiritual organization that welcomes people from all walks of life to join us in shifting the consciousness of humanity.

our Founder and star guide:

(Dr. Stone)