Newborn Baby

Baby In A Bag

We've got you covered!

As if pregnancy, labor and delivery and preparing for baby isn't stressful enough...

Here at LF&L Ministries Incorporated, we know how stressful it can be when all of your hopes of a healthy baby are threatened by unforeseen circumstances.  That's why we're here to help!  We partner with local hospitals and social service organizations to determine which families may be best served by our agency.

Since 2017 we've helped hundreds of families by donating fully loaded diaper bags to local maternity wards.  Our focus is on income qualifying families with babies born to the NICU.  We focus on baby coming home with basic needs while you focus on giving baby all the love he or she needs to get better faster, and come home with you in a timely manner.

Studies have shown that children who receive focused love and attention respond better and faster in unfavorable environments.

Our Baby In A Bag Ministry provides a fully loaded diaper bag, packed with all the things baby will need to go home.  Our bags supply:







Receiving Blanket


Gentle Soap

Washcloth and Towel

and one outfit for baby to go home in.

Occasionally we are able to provide brand new infant car seats (when in stock).

We take care of baby so you can  take care of baby!