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For Teen Moms

We offer emotional, spiritual and educational support to teen mothers.

Teen Mother Parenting Program

light, fire and love ministries Encourages young mothers to have  healthy and happy pregnancies and births; to prevent child abuse and neglect; encourage responsive, responsible parenting; strengthen and stabilize the family unit; link parents to support community-based services, and help parents enhance their self-esteem and promote personal growth.

Teen moms in their third trimester will be invited to a monthly online "Movie Night"  where they will watch movies or documentaries about pregnancy, childbirth and parenting.  After the movie, there will be a discussion about the topic, and the teens are encouraged to give their input on the movie. Teen dads are also welcome to attend online movies and meetings.

There will be a downloadable information packet available each month containing monthly wellness tips and a Be Healthy checklist. At the end of three months in the program, each teen mom will receive a gift card for baby.  Participants must have access to a phone, tablet, iPad or computer, a valid email address and have a Zoom account or be able to follow the direct link to the Zoom meeting.

Arizona Residents:
Just for showing up to an in person meeting, each teen mom will receive "Baby Bucks" which are virtual fake dollars to be used in our "store" to "purchase" items for baby after having accumulated enough "cash".  Though the money is fake, the life lesson is very real!  We teach and encourage real world responsibility by using the "Something For Something" model, which increases awareness of the financial responsibility of providing for a child.  All of our baby items for "sale" are donated materials that are new or have been gently used.

If you are a young mother in need of our services or would like to attend our monthly movie night, please fill out the form on the Application For Services Page, or to get more information, please fill out the prayer request form and one of our volunteers will be in touch.

For online movie night titles and dates, please check back here.  You will be required to register online for the movie in order to attend.