Outreach Programs

We have a variety of different programs that we offer at no cost to those that are truly seeking alignment with their true selves and a connection with Source.  All of your donations go directly to any one of the ministries we have listen below.  Feel free to become a regular partner in one of these ministries.


If you are considering a lawful ceremony or a spiritually ritualized affair for your wedding, Dr. Stone is spiritually qualified and legally ordained to perform your nuptials.  The marriage ceremony package comes with 3 weeks of premarital classes for the couple as well as premarital individual mentoring sessions..

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We have all been oppressed on some level in our lives.  Often times oppression, leads to DE-pression and those who are a part of the prison population feel it the most.  We aim to make a difference in the life of every inmate that we can reach and help to inspire through our ministry.


Light, Fire And Love Ministries offers ECCC or End Cycle Companion Care where we support the elderly and those with terminal illness as they prepare to make transition.  We provide moral, religious and spiritual support to those who express a desire to have someone assist them in crossing over.  We do not provide medical attention of any kind.

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Sometimes the passing of a loved one can hit us hard.  There is no time limit to "getting over" someone that you cared very deeply for.  We will support you as you heal and when asked, provide you with any messages that may come from beyond the veil.


You never really know what to expect when expecting, but LFLM can help by guiding and supporting you through all stages of pregnancy and childbirth, and also offer sound advice and education on parenting and family and life skills.  From time to time we will offer free online classes and you can become a part of a lottery to win free distance doula support during your pregnancy.  We will accept two pregnant mothers per year.

Our temple has a diaper and baby clothing bank for qualified parents to be.

Birth Doula with Couple