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senior lives matter

The elderly being an almost forgotten population, suffer with just as much anxiety, depression, loneliness and feelings of unworthiness as any other population.  Since the pandemic, as we all know, healthcare workers have been burdened and overworked, facilities are changing visitation policies and home health workers just don't seem qualified enough to be as attentive to the changing needs of our senior population.  We aim to address the sadness and depression that plague many seniors by offering tablets for virtual visitation.  Our KOAWASH Priestesses will set up video conferencing on the devices and avail themselves once a week for a 15 to 20 minute video call.  This will give the seniors something to look forward to, as well as keep their minds active.  

During virtual visitation we will play cognitive games and do exercises to keep the seniors minds alert. We can play trivia or do anything fun to put a smile on their faces.   We would also like to load the devices with brain games like crossword puzzles, card games and memory games that will keep the mind stimulated and working.  This will be a bonus for patients with early onset dementia.

We have BIG hopes and a HUGE vision that this program will gain enough momentum to reach seniors in as many states and local jurisdictions as needed.  We currently have volunteers in place in at least six states across the USA and have a tentative training course in place to educate home health workers across the country as well as  families who cannot afford a facility and are tasked with caring for their loved one.


This program will ease the burden that the healthcare providers must bear, thus having an overall positive "trickle-down" affect as an outcome for the patients themselves.


Never too old to learn.

We are currently accepting new and used tablets or laptops for our Senior Lives Matter program. See donation page for contact and mailing address.